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1st-Feb-2020 01:29 am - ~friends only~
Ryuhei Matsuda

This LJ is semi-friends only. Please comment to be added ^^
Take a look at my profile if You want to know more about me ~♥~
11th-Dec-2011 06:09 pm - Writer's Block: Tearjerkers
Ryuhei Matsuda
Definitely Edward Scissorhands, The Green Mile, Sky of Love (Koizora), Devil (Maou) 11 ep, oh-well-I-can-not-deny-it-Titanic and also The Brave by Johnny Depp (can't believe this one is so underrated...Why?).

I gotta say Studio Ghibli works never fails to melt me :)
28th-Jan-2010 09:10 pm - SUPERSTAR mv + wallpaper
Ryuhei Matsuda
'cause I just wanna be your superstar ;D

1. REIartworks presents: a brand new KODA KUMI wallpaper in ALL SIZES ->


This, and music video under the cut...Collapse )
12th-Aug-2009 05:48 pm - AYUMI style
Ryuhei Matsuda
Hello everyone,

I just made some wallpapers. All stars Ayumi Hamasaki. She's so good at modelling that she would beat all ANTM girls at one go X) Seriously, she makes a splash~

Wallpapers are available in many sizes! High Quality!

DOZO ^______^Collapse )
26th-Dec-2008 08:05 pm(no subject)
Ryuhei Matsuda
I started to use Opera as my internet browser and so my lj layout looks a little screwed up...I only hope you all are using FF or IE X)

I got a lovely Christmas greeting from the bank, take a look

Awwwwwwwww~ sweet ^^~

I hope you all are enjoying your holidays...and presents, whatever they are ^o^

Bye bye~
Ryuhei Matsuda
I made those graphics so long ago...and forgot to post -__-''
But I will do it now anyways X)

Look at my Profile page to see how it would look like.

Please wait till the page fully loads, because those images are alive XD
Features members of the GazettE.

blink blinkCollapse )
23rd-May-2008 08:40 pm - \m/
Ryuhei Matsuda
I made some graphics months ago...That's why they [gazeboys] are still in Guren outfits here. Anyways, I hope you will like it ^^ Wallies should represent summer spirit or something...do they? Eh, nevermind XD

Under the cut:

[1] the GazettE wallpaper
[1] Reita wallpaper
[1] Uruha wallpaper
[3] Ruki wallpapers

[1] Ruki Friends Only banner
[1] Hide Friends Only banner

Oh, If any of you would want those wallies in other sizes, please tell me and I will see what I can do ^^

Mysterious Ways...Collapse )
Ryuhei Matsuda
Hi darlings! X)

Since I totally ♥ Neo Genesis bunch of pictures featuring Ruki-san, here is teh result XD
Basically it's One wallpaper in All sizes. Hope you like it ^^''

1024 x 768 :::




-1600 x 1200-
-1440 x 900-
-1280 x 1024-
-1280 x 800-
-800 x 600-

> don't claim as yours .
> don't repost .
> you can remake it into fo banner, lj header image or user info picture, just credit...*wasn't it a strange offer lolz*



More graphics to come soon...
3rd-Feb-2008 06:48 pm - GUREN wallpapers & FO banners
Ryuhei Matsuda

I made Guren theme wallpapers featuring Ruki and Reita...But if anyone of you likes the idea, I can make similar wallpapers with Aoi, Uruha and Kai or all band...I dunno, just request okay? okay XD

a, and I also made 2 FO banners ^^

I have a REQUEST too...can anyone translate what Reita wrote in OHP Members Diary about Ruki's b-day? please? ^___^

Crimson LOTUS goodnesSCollapse )
1st-Feb-2008 01:49 am - Happy Ruki-day XD
Ryuhei Matsuda
So...it's a very deep night there..I want to sleep T___T
BUT I will say it now...


and a wallie

a, and this is my first post btw...I was seriously waiting for Ruki's b-day XD
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